Sunday, October 23, 2011

Navigating a Course Adjustment

All aspects of life change as circumstances, interests, demands and needs weigh in to influence "what was" to "what should be or is" and the accompanying indicators, if observed, lead to a course correction.

I am at that point and following the message, I am embarking on a revision of thought and approach to work and life contribution. Taking my long career and the experiences and lessons I have acquired, my new focus is on organizations and people, their mission, goals and focus that leads to positive change.

Possibilities for improvement and systems that work to reflect needs and positive outcomes are needed in this day and age. We banter about, sometimes in disarray, and the goals and long-term expectations diminish in the chaos. It is all about people, and it is that direction I seek to plot a path forward.

What are our needs as a society? A system of justice? Improved quality of life? Perhaps doing the right thing in the face of adversity and challenge. The answer lies in the purpose of being that includes environment, family, friends, work, and social events.

My focus will be on organizations and systems that touch many lives particularly in public safety and first responders.

Richard Lumb